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So I seriously need the money for a game and a kin so I'm selling these guys. I honestly cannot connect with these anymore. ;; Btw none of these are MYO's they were all from the breeding artists: I am not interested in breeding slots please, I have no interest in them.
Kn228 by KintaurSpirit $45
Kn171 by KintaurSpirit $50
Kn186 by KintaurSpirit $40
Kn185 by KintaurSpirit $45

neopet chat?

Sun Feb 19, 2017, 3:06 PM
anyone still kinda play get online? Well I quit back in 2012, but.....I always get on my main to look at the news. Not sharing my main unless you note me....why...because well after i recently drew some of my uni's, i was looking up my account and one of my 5 side accounts got FROZEN FOR NO FUCKING REASON. I'm extremely pissed off and sent in the ticket about it. Okay why does it matter i dont really play anymore, well that account was special to me and all those uni's/horse characters have been around since 2003!! I wanted them to live on! heck one of my uni's was really popular at one point and he was special to me ;0; so basically i lost starlio, wing, wysteria, and wysteria's dad my royalboy uni name rino_chan. Dude I freaking won wysteria and starlio in the beauty contest!! thats really hard to do!! I'm just so pissed that had happen!! I'm just going through my accounts and seeing what accounts still exist well along with 
mystic_zelda284, all of these accounts are gone too:

lilviolet_flame - faerie account

bluna_baby18- hissi account

macawz - idk account lol

then i lost a few other accounts too due to me not knowing the birthdate because i put differnet birhtdates for them or someone gave me the account T_T

stevencarter - lab 2 account had my plush gnortbu, pirate uni, pirate gnorbu,

1lil_starx0 - lab 3 account -had plush grarrl, water uni, faerie lutari, and another pet all WN

thegreatllama08 -friend account someone gave me had alot of my rp pets on


tonks_the_witch -friend account someone gave me

i know your only allowed 5 accounts but i might have went over that.
still i had alot of memories with those accounts and pets, espcially alot of these pets won in the beauty contest, just really sucks! i have like 6-7 accounts still active now and 2 accounts that are my husbands are still active surprisngly!!

1. please simple characters only
2. i know this is free art but don't just post, please use the art.
3. wherever you use the art please credit me
4. no anthro/humans/cats/dogs please
5. it won't be as big as below i just went a bit extra

I will take a few slots, but I need to finish ironicworlds arts first or at least most of theirs.

1. infinity:  Infinity Ref sheet 3.0 by InfinityStarArt

midna kintaur by Jahpan
 Painterly Gaiden Silent Night by Jahpan
Pretty tent on him because I still really like him but he's alittle too plain for me but I do love white, and his cursed trait. I would like however 1 breeding slot for him, other than that he has all his slots. I MIGHT look at usd offers but I would prefer a kin to be added with it.
K402 by KintaurSpirit
-rare long tail, 
-uncommon saber fangs
-This one has been cursed {new}! Wherever they go there is always a 5 foot radius around them of constant snow. When they are upset, angry, or sad the snow is harsh - otherwise it's light snow!

I'm only seeking other advents for him or other horoscopes if possible. Here is list of what I am looking at:…

save me

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 23, 2017, 6:37 PM

quiz time because i love these!

/ = Half scared is .5 points.
x = Scared is 1 full point. 

[x] the dark 

[ ] staying single forever 

[ ] being a parent

[x] giving birth 

[ ] being myself in front of others

[ ]  open spaces

[ ] closed spaces

[x] heights 

[ ] dogs

[ ] birds 

[ ] fish

[ ] spiders 

[ ] flowers or other plants

So far: 3


[ ] being touched 

[ ] fire

[ ] deep water

[x] snakes (i use to not be afraid of them) 

[ ] silk

[/] the ocean

[x] failure

[ ] success

[ ]  thunder/lightning 

[ ] frogs/toads

[ ] my boyfriends/girlfriends dad

[ ] boyfriends/girlfriends mom

[ ] rats

[x] jumping from high places  

[x] snow (when driving in it)

So far: 4.5


[/] rain (when driving in it and its dark out)

[ ] wind

[ ] crossing hanging bridges 

[x] death

[ ] heaven

[x]  being robbed 

[x] falling 

[ ] clowns

[/] dolls (they are creepy) 

[ ] large crowds of people

[ ] men 

[ ] women

[ ] having great responsibilities 

[ ] doctors, including dentists

[x] tornadoes

So far: 5


[x] hurricanes

[x] incurable diseases

[x] sharks 

[ ] Friday the 13th

[/] ghosts 

[ ] poverty

[ ] Halloween

[ ] school 

[ ] trains 

[ ] odd numbers

[ ] even numbers

[ ] being alone 

[x] becoming blind

[x] becoming deaf

[x] growing up 

So far: 6.5


[x] creepy noises in the night

[x] bee stings 

[x] not accomplishing my dreams/goals 

[ ] blood

[ ] dinosaurs

[ ] the welcome mat 

[x] high speed 

[ ] throwing up 

[ ] falling in love

[ ] super secrets

So far: 4


Total:  24

I'm scared of 24/72 common fears!

interesting quiz!!

journal layout by Kuitsumi

sushidog/witchpaws drama?

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 14, 2017, 10:41 PM

i was just curious if anyone was hearing or knew about the things going on about the sushidog/witchpaws drama and what your thoughts on it were.

first i read this journal:
Just Clearing Things Up!For those whom it may have concerned, a certain senior member user has been causing a stir in regards to "unfair closed species rules" in the closed species community. Friends of this user have been making their own comments, journals, and even YouTube videos reacting to the subject.
Despite our creative differences, I have a great deal of respect for this user as both a business colleague in adoptables, as well as an artist.
However, we are two independent CS artists. And while I'm open the criticism, I expect it in a professional manner. 
Speaking towards the matter at hand:
This user is free to draw their characters how they'd like, but I am equally as free to make my own terms and conditions. These work to define the species and show me respect as a creator, not to limit the creativity of others. You can draw a dog with open eyes and a polka dot bandana, it's just not a Sushi Dog. So it is worth clarifying that this user is not getting their designs revoked; the design is just

then read this journal:
Video - Clearing the Air. Sushi Dogs and Bag BeansAdding in some screen shots. me resigning
 2 2the reaction
taken by Molly aka CylaDavenport 

me asking to change the bs making fun of people.
molly stood up for me. and then was attacked on the side so took it away.
this was also the day my artist status was taken from me.
Griffsnuff drew these three to be nice to myself and molly we were both upset, and she blocked griff right after this was November 
I was not even ONLINE when these were mad. I had nothing to do with them.
I was planning to trade off a few of my sooshs and Griff who i talk with daily asked if she could see them.
she offered me custom Bag Beans for them. and of course i said yes.
so after completing our trade. griff drew her new charact

and then read this journal:
Regarding Sushidogs/WitchpawsI'd like to start this journal by clarifying that I'm not in search of drama. This journal is purely to bring light to something that happened that a lot of people don't know about, and I feel wrong keeping quiet about. I'm a person that believes that if you are being mistreated by someone, popular or not, you need to speak out about it. It's a big deal, especially if it affects something like your business decisions. 
I'm sure a lot of you know the user witchpaws. They are the creator of sushidogs and honestly, someone i looked up to before a few months ago. They are an excellent artist, no doubt about that, but the things she has done to get her way are just disgusting, and they need to be brought to attention. 
First things first, she threatened a smaller deviant on here, who i will not name. She claimed that this friend of mine copied and ripped off sushi dogs, which she did not. She then went on to tell this friend to 'comply with her demands' those demands being that sh

i am just honestly shocked about the creator and how this all happened, and designs getting revoked, strict rules, and bullying like wtf.

journal layout by Kuitsumi
I've been pondering about this guy for a while now, I love his starry theme and thats why I haven't given him up yet but I'm not connecting with the yelllow colors anymore.

I'm mainly after KB right now - kintaur bars, and maybe other items like kintaur related vouchers, charms, breeding items..etc 

But I will look at other snekos/kintaurs for swap/trade.

Sneko 19 by SnekoTree

sneko giveaways

Wed Jan 11, 2017, 8:39 PM
New years little ones!-OPEN RAFFLEWith the new year- brings new possibilities!
We didn't get around to releasing all of our christmas snekos, so instead we'll be releasing them as new years!
This is a raffle, there are 6 sneko babies up for grabs! Delivered by a snow sneko who was just a little late for the holidays.
You can earn up to 4 tickets;
-Earn 1 with a comment
-+1 for tagging someone
-+2 for sharing this journal!
The raffle will be drawn on the 15th!
Best of luck! We're planning a bunch of prompts and events for the future so stay tuned!

(This last one is only the snow sneko delivering the babies! They are not for raffle!)

check out this Snekopolis species that got brought back from the dead, i love this species, such cute lizard/snake creatures!

had to update the journal on a new one because old one wasn't working well because of stash writer.

added more kins!!

If we did on the spot breeding, twins are usually $66, if you pay $66 OTS I will let you have first pick of the twins, whichever opens next and either of us can snag a slot and post the form. I also have a few kin breeding slots thats owned by others but I have to double check with them first if I can use them first. The more breeding items put on the more interesting the baby kins will be if you don't want them to be common. I am doing this because I want others to have a chance at a kintaur too. These are the kintaurs of mine that are open for breeding: 
Bohemian/male by Jahpan Hikari/male by Jahpan Fiji/male by Jahpan Navi/Female by Jahpan Tidus/Male/ by Jahpan Hail/Female/nov 3rd breed by Jahpan Radical/male/Spinosaur by Jahpan Vixen/female by Jahpan Bumble/male by Jahpan Frost/female by Jahpan Naraku/Male by Jahpan Yura/female by Jahpan Canyon/ male by Jahpan Kiwi/male by Jahpan Koji/Male by Jahpan Mango/male by Jahpan Kylo male by Jahpan Fleur/Male by Jahpan DreamScape/ male by Jahpan Alzora/Female/wait a month by Jahpan Misty/female by Jahpan Nova/male by Jahpan Blizzard/Male by Jahpan Kn116 by KintaurSpirit K244 by KintaurSpirit deku/male by Jahpan cosmic/female by Jahpan Kaguya/female by Jahpan Yoshi/male by Jahpan Spirit/male/wait a month by Jahpan Zazu/male/wait a month by Jahpan Kimi/Female by Jahpan Icedrip/female by Jahpan

I WILL BE VERY PICKY WITH THESE, you cannot have first pick for these and I would want some type of different chance boosts on both of the parents in a chance that they could get Very Rare+ babies (whether it be eyeglow, shark traits, ear traits, fish tail, tail, etc.): Dreamer has a blessed trait and a exclusive curled tail, Helix has very rare eye glow, Quill has VR fish fins, tail, frills, uncommon ears, Malibu is my kinsona she has rare antlers, Ailani has VR piebald markings. Blitz has a rare long trail,saberteeth, and cursed snowing trait.
K250 by KintaurSpirit Kn110 by KintaurSpirit K065 by KintaurSpirit K129 by KintaurSpirit blizzard by Jahpan Hailey/Female by Jahpan Pluto/Male by Jahpan

and I have one slot each to these too that I can use.
breed with?? by Jahpan breed with Mango by Jahpan .. by Jahpan

what did everyone get for christmas??

Sun Jan 1, 2017, 10:23 PM

what did everyone get for christmas??

im just curious i love hearing all the different stuffs, and what was your favorite thing?? ;;

my husband got me:

-99% Angel victoria secret long tee pajamas

-santas favorite victoria secret long tee pajamas

-lovespell and pure seduction, pure seduction night lotions

-love addict and pure seduction into the night body sprays

-blue shirt w/ angry pikachu face

-grey shirt with pikachu on it

-junior tank shirt with 10 pikachu faces on it

- a duplicate shirt i had to take back cuz my brother got me the same one

-kays jewerly sterling silver opal necklace

-new slip-on sketcher shoes

-columbia blue down puffer coat

(alot of the shirts he got me i had to take back which really sucked because i loved them all but they weren't the right size and when i did i couldnt find the correct size and had to get other things like i got this cool Dr. Strange shirt, a Zelda skyward sword journal book, a different pokemon shirt with all the eevees on it, and chocolate mushroom shape biscuit snacks)


-many mlp mystery bags, and a mystery mlp capsule with a jelly trixie figure inside

-lotsa candy; chocolates, starburst

-chocolate panda biscuit snacks

-cookies n cream pocky

-link tin with sour orange sword candy in it

-torchic plushie

my family got me: 

(not to mention they did pay for a nice wedding for us in september so i wasnt expecting like anything from them, the wedding was so beautiful in itself!!)

-lularoe perfect T shirt amazon leaf print -- traded for rainbow leggings 

-cute dog/cat lularoe leggings

-blue long sleeve shirt

-Dr. Who tardis mirror

-Gotta Catch Em' All shirt in grey - love this shirt!!

-$15 olive garden gift card

-cute pug christmas sweater

-my audio pet speaker thing thats a pug

- apparently i still have a gift coming from my sister-in-law

timmys parents got me:

(they had also really helped us with the wedding alot when i didnt have a job for months, for financial purposes that was so nice of them ;o;)

-$25 red lobster gift card

-cleaning duster rod thing

-leopard print security wallet thing for when your traveling

-the art book of frozen 

-the art book of spirited away

-anime people scenery how to draw book

-chibi animals how to draw book

-owl necklace with matching earrings

-big tin shaped apple with frosted berry gel, soap, body butter in it from the body shop

-bigger frosted berry shower gel from the body shop

-tolietry silver rack stand for bathroom

-200 photo wedding album

-pretty glass crystaly picture frame

-owl shaped hand cream

-craftsman work light stick thing

-cute soft white and grey pajama set with fuzzy socks

-serving plate platter by temptations on qvc red/green/family theme

-king size grey fleece sheets and bed fitter

secret santas/other gifts:

-family secret santa: my aunt gave me a $60 to a salon for either massages or getting my hair done!

-bird exchange got rope toy, perch branch, snuggle fleece toy, other foot toys for my bird and they also got me a cute fan/flower bag.

-my other aunt only does gift exchanges with me because no one in my family likes her…long story, so we bonded and decided to exchange gifts. She got me a cherry blossom gift set with like 8 pieces of bath and body stuff in it, i love the scent!

-kainaa my friend sent me a cute fan/flower bag ;o;

-my bridesmaid/good friend from hawaii sent me vanilla chai shower gel/body butter/foofa, and also hawaiian gummy candies, and these good plum hard candies

-bianca got me a set of winter candy apple of lotion/gel/spray from bath and body works and 3 body shower gels: strawberry picnic, Forever Beach Days, and Pearberry

-leopets exchange: got pokemon moon!!!

i may post a picture soon just when i find everything, everything is  currently scattered. I just usually post a picture every year because its fun for me to look at all the other years.

new years meme 2016

Sun Jan 1, 2017, 8:20 PM

-Did you change at all this year? yeah, more stronger, 

-Did you dye your hair?  if highlights count yes

-Did you get your hair cut? once or twice, trimming and slightly altering my current style

-Did you change your style?  no

-Did you get good grades? graduated a while ago

-Did you drive? been driving

-Did you move at all? no

-Did you go on any vacations? not really but i went on my honeymoon to las vegas in september! loved it!


-Did you break up with anyone? no

-Did you meet anyone special? no

-Did you fall in love? my hubby

-Did you get your heart broken? no

-Are you going into 2017 with a boyfriend/girlfriend? no dude im married lol


-Did you meet any new friends this year? i found out this girl i met at a bar last year is my aunts daughter, so yes that makes her my cousin. my aunts boyfriend is my uncle through blood. he is my dads brother. i just thought it was so funny how the connection traced. Also not new but I became friends again with my first best friend who had blocked me for five years because of a stupid thing. I met up with her once this year. I hadn't talked with her since 2011, and she was like my true best friend before Allison, she would have been my maid of honor but things didnt go as planned. We were really close from age 10 to like age 22. We are not as close anymore but I am thankful to at least know we are civil now. It was something just haunting me for a really long time when we were fighting and not talking but I am thankful it's over with. I reconnected with a old guy friend I met at a community college, he is like a brother to me and likes anime/video games and hes very fun to be around.

-Did any of your friendships end? a couple, mainly my good friend, allison, who was my maid of honor in my wedding, since last march she was the most prudest person and kept controling our wedding. She started a ton of drama throughout the whole wedding like a week before the actual date. I was too blind to see how much of a selfish bitch she was, havent talked since october. Today I got the nerve from a friend of her telling me to apologize to her when she had no idea what I went through with this crazy girl. Me n her were best friends since the 7th grade but like until last march she completely changed since I knew her. Very opinionated, always talking about herself, obsessing about other people/other drama situations, friends with people that she talks badly about behind their back, and was a total debbie downer about our wedding constantly complaining at wedding costs and things.

-Did you dislike anyone? yes, my sister-in-law who has been very hypocritical throughout the wedding process and was also a drama starter. My best friend and her thought to join sides against me to make me even more miserable. Our relationship definately weakened from afar since that happened. I still talk to her normally now but i can never be close to her, she can be prude at times. She never use to be.

-Did you make any new enemies? well yeah after allison, shes not really a enemy just someone i am not talking to nor do i plan to be friends with again. it does hurt because i miss her sometimes but at the same time shes toxic and bad for me.

-Did you resolve any fights? not really from the above. i had talked to her about everything she put me through but she was too stupid to figure out what she did wrong and just thought she didnt do anything wrong. so after everything was blown over, i blocked her on my phone and social media sites because i didnt want anything to do with her.

Who was your closest friend? Bianca, she was suppose to be in my wedding but she had to drop out because she had alot of family and work stresses at the time. But we have definately been way closer than before, i knew her in high school then went to the same colleges after. We've been hanging out once a week on fridays since like the summer. She is really a nice person and very chill, we always have our chick flick movie night at my place haha. She has even called me her sister which feels great to be close to someone like that.

-Did you grow apart from anyone? well yeah, Allison..

-Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships? possibly yeah, i've put up with allison my whole life shes kinda always been like all about herself but i didnt think it would impact my whole wedding ordeal. She wasn't really encouraging and just complained about everything.

-Have you had your birthday yet? yeah in october, i had a few friends over made a few drinks played some board games pretty low-key then the sunday after my parents got me a nice outfit and i had a nice dinner at their house.

-Pulled an all nighter? i cant even do that the lastest i have stayed up was 7am, and i feel super sick after.

-Drank Starbucks? not for a while, i love the drinks but i never find the time or think about going there. i usually get decaff, i cannot have their caffinated drinks it makes me so sick.

-Bought something(s)? clothes, shower gels, some japanese candy, ugg boots, 

-Met someone special who changed your life? possibly, when my aunt had died back in PA, my family went on a road trip seperately to see that side of the family, and i became way closer with that family than i ever have, grew closer with some cousins i never get to see.


-What are you thinking about? well i have alot of gas right now from the cheese i had earlier pretty sure i have a mild lactose allergen to lactose i never knew i had.

-Would you get married if you could right now? i am married lol

-How did you feel when you woke up today? enough sleep

-Are you good at hiding your feelings? yes and no. with hubby he can easily see it with others they cant see it as well.

-Have you ever had a really big fight with a best friend? as stated above lol it was in person with allison too but of course they didnt really see it my way, so instead of trying to start a fight after the wedding i just blocked them because i didnt want more stress.

-Do you like to have long hair or short hair? short is the way to go

-Would you be able to tell someone you love them, even if you didn't feel it? no thats stupid.

-Which of your friends do you argue with the most?  i dont really argue with my friends

-How many texts are in your inbox? i get usually like 3-5 diff people messaging me a day but always different.

-Who was your last text message from? bianca

-Who was the last person you rode in a car with? my husband

-Would you rather smile over a lie or cry over the truth? cry because i would rather know the truth than a lie

-What’s on your bedroom floor right now? dirty laundry, and bags of random stuff

-Do you trust people too easily? depends who they are

-Are you satisfied with what you currently have in life? yes but i wished i went to school for teaching instead of graphic design =/

-Last thing you ate? mcdonalds caramel frappucino

-How many people are you texting? my brother adam, bianca, idk

-Will you be in bed within twenty minutes? no lol im a late night owl

Swapping/trading Saurons

Sat Dec 31, 2016, 4:03 PM
I am not really connecting with these 

Things I will accept:
-other saurons
-maybe snekos/kintaurs
-sauron breeding voucher or on the spot breeding
-maybe other CS but I am really picky on some

Sauron #250 by Sauron-Adopts

MYO geckie by ufoparty

Wed Dec 28, 2016, 11:13 PM
ufoparty is hosting and owns geckie-grove and is doing a myo event for anyone interested for the next 5 days!
Geckie's End of the Year MYO Event! - 5 days leftHello everyone! To commemorate our super group status and the revival of the species as a whole, it's time for our first ( of this group ) official MYO event. We will be holding it for 5 days to let everyone get there chance to enter without feeling rushed. So without further ado, read below on how to enter!
Common MYO Geckie Rules
This MYO event gives you the chance to make a Common Geckie only. Up to 2 uncommon traits are allowed.
For the full list of traits visit the Information and Resource folder located here OR or wix site here
Anyone can participate! We encourage you to join the group as well!
In order for your MYO to count, please make a journal advertising the group and linking to us or the MYO event!
When you're done, please comment below with journal proof and your MYO Geckie. Entries can be submitted to the

I may enter, I need to find a theme/idea first!

3 Chibi arts 100pt each

Wed Dec 28, 2016, 9:14 PM

I will sell one more!

Selling 1 slot of my common or uncommon kintaur breeding slot for 1000pts/$10, really need the money for something. Please do not ask for the others at this time.
They are here:…

Some are still babies and cant breed until of age, those will be like the first three rows.

i cant submit to journals on my phone so thats why this is here


Tue Dec 20, 2016, 7:53 PM
They are hosting one here:
Free Common Semi-Custom Raffle by HiddenCities

Any one person can get 4 tickets total so read inside if you want to get a chance at a free kintaur! :)

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I was curious if anyone would be interested in them and maybe some of my neopet accounts just not my mains.

I have alot of old neopet designs that I dont use and would like $$ maybe for them or points i guess. but they wouldn't be cheap they would be $5 and up because alot of them come with extra art.

as for the accounts idk what i am seeking for them, i just know alot of my pets are rotting and i dont really use them >>

Basically these are all the designs I'm selling for now, alot of these have extra art that comes with them!

Qwan RG mynci by JahpanRedesign Silence by JahpanCandyland by JahpanAixay Design whoo by JahpanZark design by JahpanNight time Blasphemy by JahpanAqrion by JahpanCelestial Oracle by JahpanKizuato the single mother by JahpanToo hot for you by JahpanEnter the Dream World by JahpanMaractite hissi Dream alittle dream by Jahpanvoodoo magic KAZAMMM by Jahpanmikoyu moon goddess by JahpanMutant Acara Nightmare by Jahpanfaerie lutari by JahpanRaiym underwaters by JahpanWysts dad and whinny by JahpanHawkEyes layout by JahpanPoeisai hippocampus by JahpanUmi and Suicune attacked by Jahpan

if they dont sell i will just delete all their art and make them as ponies or something to resell.

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Selling kainaa characters !

Mon Nov 28, 2016, 2:56 PM
So I need either $10 or 1000pts right now as I have something on hold for me for a week. Let me know if interested!!

Please send to , and send to family/friends because I have been getting holding errors if you send it as the other option.

this is the folder:…

I can haggle with some of these because I've had them forever:
I also have some kainaa designs for sale too:… $5… $8… $5 each… $13?
Surprise Inside - PresentAdopts (closed) by Kainaa #5 for $10 

October Adopts 2014 [OPEN] LOWERED by Kainaa #9 - $7
Pallet adopts SecondSet Finished Designs by Kainaa #5 - $8
Pallet Adopts 2014 COMPLETE by Kainaa #6 - $8

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seeking art of my elnin, $5 and under

Sun Nov 27, 2016, 9:58 PM

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Thu Nov 24, 2016, 8:51 PM

Other CS for sale!
I'm on the masterlist for these.… -mantafae - 35$… griffsnuff general designs, left 2000pts, right 3000pts, ---- I will look at other griffsnuff swaps for these, and maybe bagbean

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