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Get me this bird cage for VR kintaur!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 23, 2017, 11:33 PM

★ news & updates

Pri my lovebird! by Jahpan

So been thinking about this long and hard but as much as I love this kintaur and he's so beautiful, I really want this bigger cage for my lovebird. My lovebird lives in a nice cage but I just want a bigger and better cage for him with more LXW room since his current cage is more Width sized than height size. I've been wanting a huge cage like this for a while for him and it would be nice to prop his stuff up underneath like this shows. There is a cage I really want but it's $300 and no one would probably buy it for me for the kin.

anyways its this petco cage:…
and it's $150 and free shipping and you'd be sending it to me.

This is the kin, like I said I do love him but I have been wanting this cage for a while now:
K167 by KintaurSpirit
Rare Antler Horns 
Very Rare Double Set of Horns
Uncommon Eyes 
Very Rare White Eye Glow
Uncommon Ears 
Common Tail 
Uncommon Fur 
Common Hair
Rare Mane

Tagging TalonEX  because they showed interest before. 

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★ art status

Requests: Closed
Trades: Ask Me
Collabs: Sure!
:points: Commisions: Open…

★ to-do list

-couple of art trades

Updates on my life June 2017

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 7:43 PM

★ news & updates

I feel like its been like a long time since I posted a update journal.


I'm like never on the computer now because I work 40hrs for my job and then want to come home and literally want to eat then either sleep or watch stuff on TV!!
I work as a watch technician, I clean watches, change the battery, test the water pressure time (it basically tests to see if its okay to use in the water if fails it mean your watch could get damaged if you wear it around water.) then occasionally changing the gasket if it needs it which is like the "seal" for the watch that prevents water getting inside. Though I am sad its not a graphic design job, the environment is WAY better, the people are way more friendly and not strict or catty. The pay does suck but it's what I can do for now, I'm thinking about getting my teaching certificate but I have no idea what steps to go through since I already have my bachelors degree. I just want to make a liveable income right now. >__>

Future Plans
We are saving for a house but like the house I really want is too much money for us, and it's sort of affordable, like if I made alittle more money we could be able to pay off the mortgage, but I have no idea when we are getting a house....PLUS its been extremely stressful driving about with one car. I need my own car so I can be dependable to work and so I dont always have to ask for rides from my mom because alot of times timmy works overtime, because i use to have to drive him to work then go to work and then i would have to get him at 11pm later and it SUCKED ALOT!!!

I have no idea what my life is going to be like I just feel like my life is not moving I'm just stuck like a rock with nothing to really look foreward to! Yet my older brother just bought a house and they just announced they are having a baby together, so I will be a auntie!! I'm not exactly thrilled mainly because I don't think they are ready and they fight alot, plus his wife is kind of a bitch and theres been numerous drama with her in my life and I'm just trying to move on and forget about those times. Everyone told them it was a bad idea to move into a house when they barely have enough to make the morgage payment, and then on top having a baby when they aren't gonna have money, and they are gonna fight even more. I just see a bad thing happening there....
We are also waiting to have kids and have been very safe with all that, we just dont have the room for kids and personally want to wait.

Now I have been at my job for half a year now, thats the third longest job I've ever had in my life, I'm hoping to continue and keep doing well., so far everyone seems to like me and even though I'm quiet and shy there I still try to maintain a likeable personality and sometimes small chat when I can.

I finally got my first tattoo!!! I got it with my two brothers we have been planning it forever!! It's like a sibling bond that we promised we'd get our first tattoo after our favorite childhood game: Zelda:Ocarina of Time. I got the blue stone jewel thats a gift you get from the Zora after beating the third temple....(which I was never good at beating lmao I just loved this one the most but I also really loved the Zora temple/Zora's in general.) It came out alittle big but ehh I still really love the detail. Of course my mom made a big deal about us getting tattoos....i mean we told them the day before..., I was shocked that mine only cost me $125!! I thought it was going to be like $200 and up! I have to keep washing it and putting lotion on it to make it moist. But yeah after I posted it on facebook, my mom posts that she was so happy we got it together and that it was a really? because like yesterday you totally said the complete opposite. SO I was mad and deleted the comment because why be a hypocrite? So anyone would feel and think that was no big deal right?? Well she made it the hugest fucking deal ever the next day on family dinner night and scolded me and did these stupid guilt trips like she always does and it was like really? She makes everything a big deal and its the most annoying thing ever! She had to leave to go on a walk, so when she returned I tried explaining and had to say sorry because she was just going to be a dick the whole day....she even told me to ask her next time if I could delete the comment on MY comment at your own risk, if you dont like it then get off my page. XD
Anyways I love my tattoo and the fact that my brothers were with me and my brother was holding my hand cuz it hurt more than i thought it would xDD and they were playing the zelda soundtrack and it was perfect and amazing XDDD

My cats are awesome and my bundles of joy! They are already 2 years old cant believe it!! Willow my female white calico she likes to do this thing where when you go up to her she will flop on her side, stare at you and then like knead the carpet with her paws, its the cutest thing! She will also make this cute high pitch mew when she wants attention. Her face also reminds me of a shiba inu idk why lol . and then Bumble my other cat he is a grey mitted point ragdoll, he is the fluffiest and cutest cat too and will come up to you slowly and stare at you with half open eyes and then pounce on the couch next to you and purr aton and demand pets! The sucky thing is that hes recently been getting hairballs and he also sheds like crazy so its so hard to look nice when hair is everywhere!

My white faced blue lovebird Pri is 3 years old now. He is still the same amazing bird that I raised, hes so sweet and hes so loveable! Sadly since I work I hardly get to let him out and its also sad with the cats. I've had a few issues though with owning him, his bird seed collects alot of moths and if I don't keep up with cleaning his cage it attracts alot of different types of bugs and its really stressful and gross.Sometimes you just get really busy and its so hard to keep up with at times, but hes amazing and I love him!

Basically already told you about my older brother. They have been complaining alot now that we dont come up to see them now, but i mean ive been up to see him many times last year and they never give us the time of day, and they always have to plan parties on friday nights at 5 or 8 usually when we both work late and can never make those times. My younger brother is still looking for love, his heart got broken by a girl last year who couldnt keep doing long distance. He works at old chicago and wants to be a bartender. nothing really new with my parents.....just that my mom is usually her crazy drama self.
I haven't really been seeing my childhood pets much, my boston terrier got surgery on his eye and teeth because there was a growth and they removed it. Then my beloved black pug she is 9yrs old and she got diabetes so my parents have to give her two shots a day! she also has been losing weight like crazy!! I miss her alot but I try to see her once a week, but its never enough because she and I were very close at one point. Then Milo my orange/white cat hes 11 and hes still pumping strong, but usually avoids me when timmy is around hes always hate timmy.

not sure what more to talk about, I feel like my typing is a bit slow because I havent been active on the computer alot...i miss drawing but i get burnt out fast now. >> plus nothing really happening for us this summer, we dont have it off which of course i miss alot and we have no plans to really do anything except our 1 yr married anniversary is coming up in september..

and on the weekends ive been just being social with friends and family mainly and not staying at home because its more fun that way, and sometimes i feel drained being on the computer for a while. usually every friday night i have a friend over, i call her my sister because we are so close now and shes a really good and nice person, we usually just talk, watch movies, sometimes drink wine lol

ive also cut back on hard liquor alot, im so thankful to really because i use to want to get super drunk once on every weekend to the point where i would get sick. im so glad those days are gone with, ive been lately more conscious about my weight now because every clothing i put on i dont look good in, thats stressful, i never thought i would have a weight issue but i kinda do but its so hard to find the time to because i just want to sleep when i get home T_T but yeah i basically cant keep a shot down, i cant even drink vodka anymore its just so rough and gross now, i can hardly drink anything else, i mainly stick to wine and beer because they are easier.

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★ art status

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Trades: Ask Me
Collabs: Sure!
:points: Commisions: Open…

★ to-do list

-couple of art trades

13 questions

Tue May 23, 2017, 12:05 AM

1. What's your favorite video game?
I gotta say Zelda Ocarina of Time. Shit was amazing. Then Breath of the Wild....ocarina of time had a great story and so many childhood nostaglia, but breath of the wild was way more out there idk i loved the map.

2. Which fictional characters do you have a crush on?
sam evans from glee ...which is chord overstreet in real life who i love..
3. What would you like to have as a career?
work for disney making characters/designs OTL but for a possible career like a art teacher Q_Q

4. What's your favorite color?
5. What would you like to know about me?
whats your favorite childhood memory?

6. What's the ugliest thing you have ever seen?
creepy bees

7. If I were to do a Let's Play (if I ever feel like doing one), would you watch it?

8. Which of your OCs is your favorite?
well malibu my kinsona, alola my elnin, and kaynigh my lion fursona.

9. I killed a roach a few days ago, am I evil?
fuck no kill those baby makers!

10. If you were to introduce a friend to a good book, which would it be?
Tuck Everlasting Q_Q

11. What superpower would you want?
the ability to know all languages including animals.

12. Your crush from question #2 meets you, how would you react?
are you going to be any movies soon? XDD

13. Well I ain't got no more questions to ask, can you think of one for me?

Seeking art of my new minkin!!

Journal Entry: Tue May 9, 2017, 6:28 PM
I got her a couple months back but I just revamped her design within the last week and I am completley in love!… - the light purple base/purpley scheme - not the old design which is on there just for record purposes.

I don't really have any funds atm so looking for open requests or art trade! ;0;


Reselling geckies

Journal Entry: Sun May 7, 2017, 5:29 PM
I'm just not into them anymore:…
You can use the designs for other species I dont mind.

Speckles- $5 or 500pts
Starboy designed by ufoparty - $10 or 1000pts
Tai - designed by ufoparty - $10 or 1000pts
Twilight Zone- 500pts

species are a CS by :icongeckie-grove:

Jahpan's Kintaur Wishlist

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 27, 2017, 12:02 AM
(this is to be submitted for the group)



-50+ chance boosts

-a triplet voucher 

-Custom or semi-custom Kintaur Voucher

-Berzerk voucher


Art of some of my main kintaurs. Would love more pixel sprites, or painterly looks, and full bodies are always win! Or full bodies and backgrounds!… - other eye is dark grey iris with white snowflake shape - VR eye………………………………………………………………… -my kinsona

As well as getting art from them, would really love to get art from these artists to draw my kintaurs ^^

TalonEX griffsnuff Kainaa edeliah Susouris Steamfaun

Squiggy-Adoptables Sixbane kdougfang Xilacs @SpiritoftheNightt petplays Li-Lii Welshen Mad-Izoku

Kintaur Custom

I guess these are some traits I am really wanting on my custom if I ever get one, preferably some traits combined or seperate.

Eyes: glowing, or pupiless

Horns: unicorn horn

Scars: none

Species: fish-like or bird-like

Tail: more fish-like tails/mermaids

Hair: whatever fits

Colors: colorful

Markings: tribal, voodoo and glowing markings, stars, piebalds

Accessories: necklaces/jewelry

Other: would love to see more VR traits, legendary traits like mainly angel wings, dragonic wings, fairy wings, any glowing bits or glowing orbs, wisps at the end of their tails, a zelda inspired kin (i know game characters are not allowed anymore, which is why this is a dream..ive wanted this ever since i wanted my first kin xD)


1. Would love to see a secret massive art exchange where you have a minimum to draw 5 nice pieces of art for your exchanged person by a certain deadline but you can also make more if you want, it's all part of the fun. Then all of the art is uploaded on a website, and each user has their own page/name they click on to reveal said gifts.

2. Would love to see some sort of art activity where all the kintaurs are used or all are drawn in a big picture with someone passing along a psd file and everyone adds all their kintaurs in it. xD It would be like a huge family/community photo xD

3. Breedings! Still love doing shared breedings.

Trading common MYO kitsumera slot!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 22, 2017, 11:53 AM


I am looking for mainly closed species. I could not for the life of me design the kitsumera myself, unlessI can find someone who can but I can't commission anyone.


-bagbeans, preferably by griffsnuff
-foxfans, myos welcome
-kintaurs/spinotaurs/tritaurs (no myos)

-maybe kitsunet but designed by miizue


Selling kintaur and breed slots! Name your price!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 23, 2017, 11:42 PM
I'll take nothing less than $10!  Some of the rarer ones I will be more picky on prices so please offer fair. I am only seeking usd right now ! Most of them have all their breeding slots left.

They are here:…


Also selling this kintaur
I'm just not connectin with these kintaurs like I use to be!… $40

Opening a few pony commissions!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 19, 2017, 10:53 PM
Opening a few of my chibi styles like this for points! They are open for 400pts/$4 ! I'm needing some money for subbies! :) Only doing ponies now or pony hybrids or horses!

Commission for LeLeeJinxx by Jahpan Divinity 2 commission by Jahpan Divinity commish 1 by Jahpan florette AT by Jahpan

selling 3 saurons

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 19, 2017, 11:28 AM
I'm just not doing anything with these guys >_> I can't really connect so please let me know who you want!

I'd prefer $3-5 for each OR I'd love a sauron swap!! Might consider sauron items too!

Sauron Breeding #14 by Sauron-Adopts
-bottom one, common, the white one…
-top one the green one

and this girl I forgot to add comes with extra art:…

Art Exposure Meme! Open first 5 slots post!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 11:27 AM


Hi everyone! To participate in this meme, comment on my journal! For the first ten, I will put your avatar in this journal as well as the three deviations from your gallery that I like most!

If you are featured in this journal, you have to submit a journal like this one and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot. The idea here is not to get a free feature, but to spread art around for everyone. If you are featured here but do not participate by posting a journal of your own, I'll remove you from the list.

1.:iconiloveakitten: - I love their painterly artistic styles, I just gush everytime I see them!! IT's so pretty and lightly colored and makes me squeee xD They are especially really awesome at birds and ponies as well as like any design!! I love the watercolour styles too!
Over here! by Iloveakitten Something is not like the others [sold] by Iloveakitten A bluish surprise by Iloveakitten

2.:icono0-jynxus-0o: really crisp lines, sooo smooth, teach me!!! Q_Q and cute green cat design, im a sucker for pied designs of anything! and her pixel cat is really cute you should open up ychs for them lol!
Duggie `-` by o0-Jynxus-0o Circe Ref. []2016[] by o0-Jynxus-0o Aislin Pixel Icon! by o0-Jynxus-0o

you might think this user is a bad artist but shes really not, she has her own unique lineart and its the cutest damn art. its so simplistic and cute, even i was fooled at first, i love her art! Her small pixels are super adorable and detailed! 
Cup YCH ( Open ) 50 points icon by PixelKitten-Chan YCH: Mareki sushi by PixelKitten-Chan Gasp by PixelKitten-Chan

4.:iconamaranthiis:You seem to be really good at abstract backgrounds thats what I noticed right now, especially like this custom box.I think your humans are really well done!!You do some cute designs too!
you can leave a toothbrush at my place by amaranthiis Custom Box Background (P2U) by amaranthiis First Hint of Spring Free Adopt (Closed) by amaranthiis


offering a kitbull subspecies called Gaiden:…

link, silent night:…

seeking elnins or bagbeans (custom would be better)
not seeking myos at this time.

selling skydancer tiptap

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 26, 2017, 5:01 PM
sorry lots of sale journals, i will delete these after they have been sold!

looking to sell this girl for $10-15, shes a plum cherry blossom custom, selling because i have no intereste in the species anymore ;;…

Selling some pony designs for usd

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 26, 2017, 4:07 PM…

$15 - what i paid for

$5 for both:…

$5 for both:…


i like plant ponies alot!

$5 each:…

looking for cheap commissions

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 20, 2017, 9:54 PM
like cheap commisions help me xD

also testing this journal layout i freaking love it!!

i will highlight the ones i like!…

Some are for trade only because I got them in a trade and cannot sell.
But only offer on the "For Trade" folder please!

I need like $10 left to buy this thing from talonex, and its on hold until tomorrow at 8:30pm CST.

I still have some open adopts too here:…

neopet chat?

Sun Feb 19, 2017, 3:06 PM
anyone still kinda play get online? Well I quit back in 2012, but.....I always get on my main to look at the news. Not sharing my main unless you note me....why...because well after i recently drew some of my uni's, i was looking up my account and one of my 5 side accounts got FROZEN FOR NO FUCKING REASON. I'm extremely pissed off and sent in the ticket about it. Okay why does it matter i dont really play anymore, well that account was special to me and all those uni's/horse characters have been around since 2003!! I wanted them to live on! heck one of my uni's was really popular at one point and he was special to me ;0; so basically i lost starlio, wing, wysteria, and wysteria's dad my royalboy uni name rino_chan. Dude I freaking won wysteria and starlio in the beauty contest!! thats really hard to do!! I'm just so pissed that had happen!! I'm just going through my accounts and seeing what accounts still exist well along with 
mystic_zelda284, all of these accounts are gone too:

lilviolet_flame - faerie account

bluna_baby18- hissi account

macawz - idk account lol

then i lost a few other accounts too due to me not knowing the birthdate because i put differnet birhtdates for them or someone gave me the account T_T

stevencarter - lab 2 account had my plush gnortbu, pirate uni, pirate gnorbu,

1lil_starx0 - lab 3 account -had plush grarrl, water uni, faerie lutari, and another pet all WN

thegreatllama08 -friend account someone gave me had alot of my rp pets on


tonks_the_witch -friend account someone gave me

i know your only allowed 5 accounts but i might have went over that.
still i had alot of memories with those accounts and pets, espcially alot of these pets won in the beauty contest, just really sucks! i have like 6-7 accounts still active now and 2 accounts that are my husbands are still active surprisngly!!

sorry im trying to catch up on owed art, also started a new video game that just came out that has consumed my soul!!

1. please simple characters only
2. i know this is free art but don't just post, please use the art.
3. wherever you use the art please credit me
4. no anthro/humans/cats/dogs please
5. it won't be as big as below i just went a bit extra

I will take a few slots, but I need to finish ironicworlds arts first or at least most of theirs.

1. infinity:  Infinity Ref sheet 3.0 by INFlNITYY

midna kintaur by Jahpan
 Painterly Gaiden Silent Night by Jahpan

save me

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 23, 2017, 6:37 PM

quiz time because i love these!

/ = Half scared is .5 points.
x = Scared is 1 full point. 

[x] the dark 

[ ] staying single forever 

[ ] being a parent

[x] giving birth 

[ ] being myself in front of others

[ ]  open spaces

[ ] closed spaces

[x] heights 

[ ] dogs

[ ] birds 

[ ] fish

[ ] spiders 

[ ] flowers or other plants

So far: 3


[ ] being touched 

[ ] fire

[ ] deep water

[x] snakes (i use to not be afraid of them) 

[ ] silk

[/] the ocean

[x] failure

[ ] success

[ ]  thunder/lightning 

[ ] frogs/toads

[ ] my boyfriends/girlfriends dad

[ ] boyfriends/girlfriends mom

[ ] rats

[x] jumping from high places  

[x] snow (when driving in it)

So far: 4.5


[/] rain (when driving in it and its dark out)

[ ] wind

[ ] crossing hanging bridges 

[x] death

[ ] heaven

[x]  being robbed 

[x] falling 

[ ] clowns

[/] dolls (they are creepy) 

[ ] large crowds of people

[ ] men 

[ ] women

[ ] having great responsibilities 

[ ] doctors, including dentists

[x] tornadoes

So far: 5


[x] hurricanes

[x] incurable diseases

[x] sharks 

[ ] Friday the 13th

[/] ghosts 

[ ] poverty

[ ] Halloween

[ ] school 

[ ] trains 

[ ] odd numbers

[ ] even numbers

[ ] being alone 

[x] becoming blind

[x] becoming deaf

[x] growing up 

So far: 6.5


[x] creepy noises in the night

[x] bee stings 

[x] not accomplishing my dreams/goals 

[ ] blood

[ ] dinosaurs

[ ] the welcome mat 

[x] high speed 

[ ] throwing up 

[ ] falling in love

[ ] super secrets

So far: 4


Total:  24

I'm scared of 24/72 common fears!

interesting quiz!!

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