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All fantasy colors, not natural!
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I have an amazing fiancee, just got engaged on June 22, 2015, of almost 9yrs of dating!!
I go by Zelda as a online alias.
Turquoise is my favorite color.
I have a collection of opal jewelry.
I love colors and designing.
I <3 Pokemon
Kaynigh (comission) by Xx-HeartAttack

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What I owe/Notes
-whitetigerginger -DT she wanted to do
-owe sacridfire points? or art?
-monster purple hair girl Art trade
-ktlasair 1 design of her species
-1 LEO ART FULL BODY, she will need to pay other half once finished

-get body wash from meliegardens for discount
-get darrien dressend of may
-possible bamboo fun $$
-jennys bridesmaid dress get when its available

Kaynigh pixel horse by Jahpan

Love. Me. Like. You. Do.


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how do i get that status thing back on my profile? 

2 deviants said idk i kinda like mini updates


Wed Jul 29, 2015, 11:10 PM

just updating this. past few weekends have been super busy. last weekend went up to chicago to visit my brother and my brothers friend had a chicago lake party so went and did that. i drove to his apartment ALONE, so chicago area traffic was very scary and hard for me. my fiancee was too lazy to go, and also the weekend before that on sat we picked up our ragdoll kitten!! then...THIS weekend i am going to WI to a hotel to celebrate my sister in laws bachelorette party, im a bit pissed that im the only one driving 3 hrs, and everyone else like only lives a hr away from the place T_T just annoying bleh. plus its a bit expensive, i was going to have to bring like $250 but now its alittle less but i am there for two nights without a bed cuz they are only doing one room with 8 girls!! which technically isnt even allowed lol
so like $60 for hotel, and im bringing some money for food, sex toy party thing, money for the bar and maybe strip club tho never been to one before. i got the sister in law some nice lingerie for the party and like flavored sex stuff and a dick sucker LOL, they are just for fun and to be funny.

SO, these are my two kitties you need to see. PLUS, i had a last minute purchase of a second bird....which my fiancee is hating, and i feel a bit bad because its super soon over the kitten. But I really wasn't getting him for me it was for Pri to hopefully eventually have them live together in the same cage, I'm just hoping for that so Pri won't be alone most of the day. I hate having two bird cages. Originally if it didn't work out I was going to give the new birdie to a friend who loved Pri and had wanted a bird at one point, but now they are all of a sudden getting a dog so it kinda failed >_> But I really love this bird, its super cuddly and colorful! I had been paying for the bird and had the idea of the bird before I got the kitten so it kinda just happened altogether at once ;o; please dont judge me, i love animals!! lol The thing was my fiancee was a bit pissed, the bird was alittle pricy because it has a mutation called a green heavy pied peach face.


Cat #1, my white female 7mos old cat with variations in markings. Her name is Willow because it was a sweet, gentle name. We were going to name her Khaleesi but it was too long to say. She HATED the kitten at first, and i thought they wouldnt get along but after a week they love each other and play and lick, its so great!! She has the sweetest cute feminie sounding, small meows so cute!!

Kitten/Cat #2: Bumble the male 2 month old Ragdoll Kitten. Bumble because he is speedy and romps around alot and its the name from Rudolph show, the Bumble in that is all fluffy and puffy hehe. He was unfortunately really expensive but he is a purebred so it's to be expected, and we got him in southern IL. I was pretty pissed because the moment we got him he had FLEAS! pretty sure ive been getting bitten up by them too!! So I'm trying to clean stuff way more now. He also had a eye infection, which I knew about already, I wasn't going to disown a kitten for a eye infection since I had had him on hold for a week. I've been putting drops in them.

[link]   -Another video of him, couldn't fit both.

and then this is the new bird, not sure on gender but very sweet, loves to cuddle and be petted and likes to burrow under clothes/blankets. The only thing though is that it doesnt like to leave its cage it likes to bite onto the cage and hold onto it TT
It's a 2 month old green heavy pied peach face lovebird!

  • Listening to: zedd
  • Reading: storm front comic
  • Watching: archer
  • Playing: pokemon sapphire alpha



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~ : Friends for Life : ~



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Please Note me with what commision you are wanting below and send the pts right away
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hot chocolate marshmallow sushi dog by Jahpan Lemonadesoosh by Jahpan

Small pixel buddies for $3

My Stamps

I Love Rainbows Stamp by zara-leventhal MLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokitty I Love my Bamboo Fun Stamp by rlhcreations Suicune Stamp by ice-fire Nintendo Junkie by Twilight-Reaper I .heart. Japan Stamp by SakuraStars Vyzum stamp by camiif3tt Support Stamp 7 by Mwokozii PKMN Chandelure Stamp Comish by mashashy


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You are amazing!
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hello. if you remember long ago, i bought an adopt from here:…
under the name of derpy-mouse 
i have already spoken to @/Suqar-Adopts & they told me to come to you about the adopt, saying you would have a better chance of selling it. i would like to give her back so she can have a better home, and i have 2 pieces of (really old) art that you can sell with her as long as there is credit somehow.
here she is w/ the two pieces of art:
here is the comment string w/ me & Suqar if you'd like to see:…
i once tried to resell her but came into some trouble, as i had not known i couldn't resell, and i took it down. i left her alone after that & thought it'd be fine to just keep her but i never use her and i feel bad lol. 
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hello japan do you help me to prepare the party club deviantart?
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