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About Digital Art / Student Core Member JahpanFemale/United States Groups :iconequineadoption: Equineadoption
All fantasy colors, not natural!
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I go by Jahpan.
I'm a graphic designer but work as a web service IT.
Turquoise is my favorite color.
I have a collection of opal jewelry.
I love colors and designing.
I <3 Pokemon

Icon Army

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itty bitty kitty icon by JahpanJahpan S Icon Commission by JahpanJahpan Bouncy Gift by Jahpancutes again by Jahpancute kaynigh by JahpanJahpan-icon by EmikzKaynigh Wiggly by MissAbbelineAT - Jahpan by coolaraKaynigh Icon By Xhachiko6x by JahpanKaynigh icon by raychay

Mature Content

*C* Kaynigh, for Jahpan by Ennyri
Icon Commission forJahpan by AusEquineBottleponykaynigh By Pony Bones-d831dpd by Jahpan:att: jahpan by SkittlelicioussJahpan By Kittysophie by JahpanFixed Icon :PC: by KatzeFisch||Jahpan icon|| by GalaxiaCanuscutess by JahpanPixel icon for Jahpan by pareldraakjePixel icon for Jahpan (2) by pareldraakjeJahpan's Icon by KimiCanFlyCommission  Jahpan By Snoppies101 by JahpanIcon for Jahpan by pandaginAnimated Noir Icon by Dragonheart-StablesNoir Icon by Ani-SempaiJahpan Commission by PlumbeckJahpan icon by Redriefree icon - Jahpan by nadelkissenCustom gryphon avatar by pareldraakjeJahpan Icon by paintapastimeMelody icon by BronzeHaloRearing Horse icon by JahpanThxappologies by JahpanAt  Qwan Bcd  For Jahpan By Ennyri by JahpanCommission 117 2012 By Carmeliza by JahpanJahpan Icon Commission By Nekoslushiee by JahpanAvatar for lilbluegill89 by CitricLilyAvatar for lilbluegill89 by CitricLilyPug Avatar for lilbluegill89 by CitricLily

Stars by IngloriousBunny

What I owe/Notes
-whitetigerginger -DT she wanted to do
-owe sacridfire points? or art?
-monster purple hair girl Art trade
-ktlasair 1 design of her species
-150k for 2 full body leo human characters

-get body wash/foam bombs from meliegardens for discount

Love. Me. Like. You. Do.


:iconsncw: :iconsailorcatbutt: :iconaoinugetsu: :icontheshadowgirls: :iconsexytalkischeap:

Good/Scary not popular scary movies??(like besides the classics and disney channel ones) 

1 deviant said go go go!

Kitsumera free raffle!!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 18, 2015, 11:17 PM

2/2 Free Kitsumera raffle! -OPEN- 2 Custom DesignsPlease read the full journal before entering!
Okay so I said I'd be doing two MYO events, but I thought I would give everyone the chance to win a custom in this one instead as I keep getting notes from people asking for prices and I unfortunately do not do customs due to reasons in the past with people messing me around
So yeah, I really hope you all like this opportunity, getting a custom from me is extremely rare ;v;
For your custom you can have either a Nightmare Kitsumera or Dream Kitsumera, it's your choice, the character can be of any rarity :heart:
There will be two winners in this one :heart: Both of you will each get a Kitsumera custom from and designed by me, I will not use any of my old adopt bases, these will be exclusive
To find out more about Dream Kitsumeras and Nightmare Kitsumeras, please read the lores I have provided uvu


Kitsumeras are small creatures, usually only growing to 30 cm to 41 cm in length, not including their tails, they're extremely shy creatures and have dream catchers for tails. Their tail bone is shaped like two closed brackets, and the web naturally forms from birth. The web is as strong as fishing wire and rarely ever breaks. If the web breaks, the Kitsumera loses its ability to protect itself and is therefore extremely vulnerable. The web on a Kitsumera's tail wards off demons and evil spirits, as well as negativity and predators.

They have very small mouths, I haven't drawn them on the ref I know ^^ But they live off of berries, small fruits, leaves, and they can consume nightmares which are then filtered through their bodies, then to be later released by their tails to another living creature to ensure it has a positive dream.

The beads on a Kitsumera's tail are unique to each Kitsumera and the owner of it. The owner of the character can select the colours each mood represents. The beads change colour depending on the mood the Kitsumera is in. Once chosen, the colours cannot be changed.

However there are some evil Kitsumeras that consume positive dreams leaving the dreamer with a nightmare. These are very rare.

Join here :iconkitsumera: You could win a free one of this closed species. I personally think they are cool, I totally had the chance at co-owning one with the creator, but backed out like a idiot!! haha ANYWAYS, here are all my favorites!!

Witch Dream Kitsumera design -open- by Auric-Fox
Tree of Life Kitsumera -closed- by Auric-Fox
-closed- by Auric-Fox

journal layout by Kuitsumi
  • Mood: Irritated
  • Listening to: zedd
  • Reading: storm front comic
  • Watching: archer
  • Playing: pokemon sapphire alpha



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.: Fiancee :.
I have an amazing fiancee, just got engaged on June 22, 2015, of almost 9yrs of dating!!

:heart: For Jahpan by JennyJonu:heart: ILY!
Daisypath - Personal pictureDaisypath Anniversary tickers

Timmy + Lauren ponies trotting by dave89898989

. . Cute Couples . .

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My Stamps

I Love Rainbows Stamp by zara-leventhal MLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokitty [F2U] Kintaur Fan -Stamp- by MrBoodle Suicune Stamp by ice-fire Nintendo Junkie by Twilight-Reaper I .heart. Japan Stamp by SakuraStars Vyzum stamp by camiif3tt Support Stamp 7 by Mwokozii PKMN Chandelure Stamp Comish by mashashy


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XxXmafuyuXxX Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
it's done thought i really hope you like it or love…
lexw-g Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
your new astraline is the cutest little thing!
IzaPug Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015  Professional General Artist
*hugs yu and run away
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xXxMistyStarxXx Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Excuse me!

I believe you had offered 500:points: on one of my adoptables:

You commented this about 6 months ago; half a year!

I understand that you commissioned me for 8 customs, but here's the thing:

That's a whole lot of adopts.
And with 8 in a batch it's hard to make some similar to each other.

I won't get that much points for all of these.
I understand it's when I made my customs dirt cheap, but it's hard to be motivated when I recieve such few :points:. It's 80:points: for 8 adopts. I can get that much by get making one adopt. Now if it was 800:points:; 100:points: for each, I would find every hole in my time that I could to get those done.

I am rarely available when it comes to time.
I can usually only draw digitally on the weekends, but I've had an overload of homework since this is my first year of High school. Yesterday was the first day in two months I posted anything digital, and the traditional drawings were for mandatory activity checks. Marching Band sucks up most of my free time, an when I'm not there I'm trying to memorize my drill music at home.

- On a side note; My adopts are worth more than just 10:points: each, at least I think so.

Offering on an adopt and waiting until your customs are done to may me is just immature.
And I know you usually don't do this, since you've offered on my adopts before. And right now I'm on a shortage of :points:, and 500 of them would really help.

Right now you have two options.

Option #1: You can pay me the 500:points:. You can have that adopt, and soon enough will get your 8 customs.

I get 580:points:,
and you get your 8 customs and other character.
It's a win-win.


Option #2: You can refuse to pay me the 500:points:. Not only will you not get the character you offered the :points: for, I will also not complete your 8 customs. Although I won't get 580:points:, I can deal with it.

But that's not the end of it.

You will be banned from any of my future adopts.
I will also block you, so you're unable to do so.

I am 14.
You are over 20.

Why am I the more mature one in this situation?

Don't try to come up with any excuses either, like:

-I forgot
I sent you a comment, unless you deleted it, it's still in your inbox.

-I don't have enough :points:.
You should've told me that when you agreed to purchase the adopt.
I would've been a bit upset, but you'd still get your customs. 


Oh, and one more thing.
If you hide this comment, before saying anything to me, I'll just assume you chose option #2.

I spent over 20 minutes writing this. I purposely sent this as a comment instead of a note, for a reason I assume you can guess.

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IzaPug Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015  Professional General Artist
lovely icon <33
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